“Everyone can look, but it’s what each person sees that’s interesting!”

Upcoming Courses – September 2020

RDS Calligraphy for members commencing Februrary 17th for 4 weeks .. Booked out

Classic Calligraphy (Online)

A six week course introducing participants to the skills structure and story of the Uncial script which was forerunner of the famous Insular Majuscule font of the Book of Kells. This course will enable the crafting of greeting cards, and personal quotations while facilitating users to enjoy a quiet calming time for themselves exploring this ancient craft.

Booking: Email [email protected]

Calligraphy as Mindful Writing

The hand can act as a neuro bridge to the brain

The Blackrock Institute with its award winning studios is the perfect setting to create a safe, socially distanced class in Calligraphy. Numbers will be limited. Participants will have the opportunity to discover over 10 weeks the skills of penmanship, colour, layout and the fine heritage that this ancient craft comes from: in a safe space dedicated to wellbeing while exploring Confidence, Patience, Attention, Fun, Artistry and other aspects that make Calligraphy such a worthwhile pursuit. Enjoy an inner calm though an outward craft.

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“Siobhan’s enthusiasm and knowledge of her craft is impressive. She is a wonderful teacher and I enjoyed the course very much” FC 2019
“I enrolled with no expectations, however I had little in the way of confidence.. Siobhan’s non judgemental approach created an atmosphere of patience and creativity which helped me greatly, “GG 2019

About Siobhan:


First time looking can become a lifelong loving….
Siobhan’s main focus is to make art history and Calligraphy available to as many people as possible.
Art culture is the leaven in our society, any contact whether visual or practical lifts our spirits!
Classes are conducted  in recognised colleges and private institutions /or venues.


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Recent Talks

Legacy of Leonardo

17 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2


Friends of the National Gallery

friends of the national gallery

Leonardo’s Legacy

Merrion Square W, Dublin 2

Leonardo’s Legacy

Crawford Gallery – Cork



Useful Websites


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– Excellent site for images from Medieval – 18th Century Art

List of Talks

Botticelli’s (1445-1510) ‘La Primavera’

Leonardo DaVinci (1452-1519)

Mysteries of Christian Art

Michelangelo’s (1475-1564) Frescos of the Sistine Chapel

Raphael (1483-1520) The School of Athens